In real life solid wood composite door of choose and buy

In real life solid wood composite door of choose and buy

In real life, solid wood composite door of choose and buy

Dear friends and tangle on decorated the house for you to choose the door? Worry about buying door of posing as fill honeycomb paper or something?

Baidu encyclopedia of solid wood composite door interpreted as: solid wood composite door door core more adhesive such as pine, fir, or entrance fill material, density board and solid mumupi is stuck outside, after high temperature hot pressing, with real wood sealing side line. Here the words "or imported fill material, such as" big imagination space to the person. Honeycomb paper has inner core is recognized the fact that in the industry.

According to industry insiders, at present there are wood, solid wood composite door plank, sawdust, honeycomb paper core, corn and other material, the higher the price, the better implants will be, the tolerances of wooden door and the sound insulation effect will be better. For inner core wood, solid wood composite door also divide class, but the price must be in one thousand yuan of above. And the best on the market right now is solid wood composite door, known as "paper core door", costs about RMB 400-500, 700-900 yuan or so commonly, but most of the pin - shang pin - on, won't tell consumers for honeycomb paperboard, the inner core consumers encounter a paper core was cheated.

In fact, Mr. Wang is not the case, it reflects the wooden door industry market chaos. At present the country there is no unified wood door industry standards, the good and evil people mixed up wood door industry, all by enterprise consciously. Such as the recent vanke garden 5 clothbound room Revelations paper as the owner of the interior door.

Buy solid wood composite door see weight. Move, such as the heavy wood core door, very demanding, and Mr Wang's paper core door, she said a person can easily be lifted up. But some sample that sly businessman is placed in the store is a wood core, sent to the home becomes a paper core, users should pay attention to when buying.

Purchase can watch at the store and ride quality, ask the situation of the after-sales service, more judgment under the brand strength, help you make the choice.

Buy solid wood composite door to see the price. Door core for wooden keel of solid wood composite door cost around 1000 - yuan - probably, so the price must be higher than 1000, according to the specific material is qualitative different, generally between 1300-2000 yuan. Less than 1000 yuan, 90% of honeycomb paperboard core door, this is the "hidden rules" of the current wood door industry.

Wood core door the service life of more than ten years commonly, bearing and sound insulation better sex, paper core door the service life of the general five or six years, is a strong impact, bearing quality and sound insulation. Users can choose according to need.

Buy solid wood composite door see word of mouth. Multidirectional decorated friends and relatives about situation, let them recommend brand wooden door. Decorate more bubble BBS, to communicate with friends often, to know some good brands and styles, or direct search some brand reputation, see how use a friend. Information on the Internet, of course, good and evil people mixed up, pay attention to identify.

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