In 2019 Yimeida Door Industry participated in Nigeria's 2019 Home Show

In 2019 Yimeida Door Industry participated in Nigeria's 2019 Home Show

In 2019, Yimeida Door Industry accepted the invitation of Nigerian distributors to participate in the home furnishing exhibition in 2019. This exhibition was led by Zhang Manager of the Foreign Trade Department.

As one of the wooden doors of China, Yimeida Door Industry hopes to gain more opportunities and more cooperation with more Nigerian companies and individuals.

This exhibition is larger than previous years. The exhibition area is as high as 30,000 square meters. Top companies from 18 regions and countries including the United States, Britain, Japan, Korea, Germany and Thailand participated in the exhibition, attracting more than 60,000 high-end people to visit. .

With the rapid rise of China's economy, China's manufacturing and China's creation have reached an unprecedented height. Some Chinese wooden door capital enterprises tend to choose to accept better business partners abroad. Yimeida Door Industry also has a rapid development trend in the overseas wooden door industry.

Zhang Dianwen, director of the overseas marketing department of Yimeida, who was invited to participate in this exhibition, said: "In recent years, the demand for Chinese wooden doors by Nigerian households is not limited to wooden doors, but will require further copper and aluminum doors, doors and windows, etc. It is also the direction that our Yimeida door industry has been advancing – providing borderless wood door solution services to manage customers' health.”

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