Cheap solid timber internal wood doors

Cheap solid timber internal wood doors

Cheap solid timber internal wood doors

In the home improvement, wooden door purchase is also an important issue. As an indispensable member of the residential system, it shoulders the responsibility of protecting privacy and security. Because of its variety, safety and environmental protection, practical and durable, and temperament, the wooden door has become the first choice of many families. Wooden doors are popular with the public because of their many advantages, but the choice of wooden doors is a headache. How should the wooden door be chosen? What are the wooden door buying skills?

One: door material purchase

1. Style: The interior door is the face of the entire home environment, consistent with the entire home design style is the basis for the optional interior door;

2. Door core board: in the solid wood mesh keel, filled corrugated paper, frame filled poly foam, bridge hole mechanical board, etc., the comprehensive ability of the bridge mechanics board is the best;

3. Door panels and door pockets: Some consumers think that the thicker the better, in fact, it is not right. The solid wood composite door adopts natural solid wood, and the light weight can reach 50% of the weight of the pure solid wood door of the same specification;

4. Inner door special sealing strip: only a few large brands in China provide internal sealing strips;

5. Hardware: small details such as locks and hinges will also directly affect the comfort of the inner door;

6. Use glue: See if you use special expansion glue for doors and windows.

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